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Casco Land

Casco Land is in a watershed, and what you do on your property can affect the health of the lakes, streams and wetlands through "non-point-source pollution". All residents must participate to help maintain the rural atmosphere and natural beauty preferred by most Casco residents and vacationers.

Buffer Strips

One way to lessen the problem of nutrient pollution that washes into a lake or stream and affect the quality of water is to plant a vegetated buffer strip. These strips are areas where plants have grown naturally or have been planted. They are located uphill from water bodies. Buffers are designed to catch surface flow, subsurface flow and deeper groundwater flow. The plants remove sediment, nutrients and other pollutants.

Casco Lakes & Ponds

The following lakes and ponds are within the boudaries of the Town of Casco:
Coffe Pond, Crescent Lake, Dumpling Pond,
Hog Meadow Pond, Dr. Johnson's Pond, Mill Pond, Owl Pond, Parker Pond, Pleasant Lake, Sebago Lake, Thomas Pond, Thompson Lake.